Scope of Work

What is included:

  1. Website Maintenance

    • Automatic updates to core version of Wordpress (upon version release)

    • Manual monthly updates to all active Wordpress plugins

  2. Website Support

    • Assistance during periods of website downtime

    • Necessary fixes to restore normal site operation

    • Cross-browser and cross-device support

    • Wordpress CMS management and consultation

  3. Website Updates

    • Add, edit or delete text, images and media (i.e. PDF, Movie, etc.)

    • Add, edit or delete pages, posts or custom post types

    • Basic HTML, CSS, PHP and JS programming

    • Basic graphic design changes to color or element arrangement

    • Basic SEO related to CMS configuration and meta information

  4. Website Reporting

    • Add, edit or delete analytics plugins or tracking code snippets

    • Assistance managing basic features of Google Analytics

    • Assistance managing basic features of Google Tag Manager

    • Assistance managing basic features of Google Search Console

    • Assistance setting up recurring reports from Google Analytics

What is NOT included:

  1. Website Redesign

    • Complete redesign or refresh of your website

    • Graphic design resulting in changes to 50% or more of a page

    • Copywriting (or creation of new page, article or custom post content)

  2. Website IT Support

    • Third-party email support

    • Domain, DNS or name server management

    • MySQL database management

    • Server hardware or software updates

  3. Advanced Development Services

    • Malware or hacked site clean-up

    • Website security audit, hardening or support

    • Website performance audit or advanced optimization

  4. Advanced Marketing Services

    • Landing page design or development

    • Create or manage email template or mail campaign

    • Usability consulting or conversion rate optimization 

    • A/B or split-testing setup or campaign management

    • Advanced SEO related to off-page efforts (i.e. inbound links, etc.)

    • PPC management related to Google Adwords, Retargeting, etc.

Key Assumptions

What to assume from GLIDE:

  • GLIDE will perform “Website Maintenance” updates from time to time (as needed)

  • GLIDE will assist with “Website Support” upon request

  • GLIDE will assist with “Website Updates” upon request

  • GLIDE will assist with “Website Reporting” upon request

  • GLIDE will track all billable time and submit report with your monthly invoice

What we assume from YOU:

  • You will provide necessary, valid and working login to your registrar, hosting admin, FTP and Wordpress Admin

  • You will provide necessary, valid and working login to any required third-party platforms or add GLIDE as an authorized user where applicable (i.e. Google Analytics or WPEngine, etc.)

  • You will provide all necessary marketing copy, photography and media required to complete requested updates

  • Most importantly, you will submit all requests via approved SLA channels