Over the past few years, our technology stack and liabilities have matured, leading to a significant spike in our operational costs. We have also worked hard to increase talent density by offering competitive compensation packages and extensive training and certifications. However, we have not raised hourly support rates since 2016.

All new GLIDE clients are already working with us at our new hourly rate of $150/hr. All current support clients will see these new hourly rates for any tickets submitted after Apr 1, 2022. Please note that by submitting a support ticket via our support portal or by emailing support@glidedesign.com, your request will be at the new rate.

We do realize that this might require some internal discussion and there is the possibility that you would prefer to find another resource to support your website support and maintenance needs. We will be committed to providing access to your accounts as needed and removing GLIDE as the technical contact in your hosting and CMS, if that is preferred.